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Substance: liothyronine (T3)
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T3-Max-25 by Maxtreme Pharma

Apart from within the medical field, the hormonal drug T3 by Maxtreme Pharma is used in sports for weight loss and "drying". It differs from its analogues with its fast action and strong fat-burning effect. This has made T3 one of the most favoured substances by many athletes or sports personnel who are overweight and would like that extra help in achieving their desired outcomes for this weight loss.

Properties and effects of T3

Each tablet of T3 contains 25 micrograms of the Liothyronine hormone which by its properties is identical to the natural thyroid hormone that is produced by the body. One blister contains 50 tablets of 25 mcg per tablet.

The drug has no addicting properties and with the right dosage, it gives a stunning effect:

  • It accelerates the metabolism and burns fat effectively
  • It improves the cardiovascular and CNS functions
  • It increases efficiency and reduces the need for rest.

These benefits are only a few of the great positives that this substance can provide for a user. Being different to most other burners, T3 can enable the change from a cellular level and help those with big diets and bad habits be able to change their lifestyle without any harsh withdrawals from these unnecessary needs!

How to take T3 tablets

The optimal dose for fat burning is 25-50mcg per day, the maximum is 200-400mcg per day, but this is taken with experience and cation it is always advised to start with the lower dosage and asses your tolerance levels to any drug. Even for the experienced, it is desirable to start with the minimum amount, increasing the dosage gradually. T3 is taken for durations of 4-6 weeks. After this, you will need to run Post Cycle Therapy for your Thyroid gland to recover back to its normal functioning, during this PCT, athletes use Potassium Iodide tablets as a supplement to recover any Iodine deficiencies.

Combining T3 with other drugs

The drug is efficient in combination with AS and enhances their action. Liothyronine (T3) serves as an excellent supplement in a cycle with Clenbuterol also. For more advice about which substances run well together with T3 in combined cycles, you can visit online forums, or you can contact our expert support team for further help and advice regarding these combined cycles. Please make sure that when combining a cycle of steroids and T3, you know which drugs will have contraindications with one and another and that these will not affect you or any underlying health condition that you may have.

Side effects of Liothyronine

The substance is not completely safe to use, so before you buy T3, make sure there are no contraindications or pre-existing Thyroid issues. Also, the drug’s abuse leads to the following side effects:

  • Disruption of thyroid function.
  • Suppression of the production of thyroid-stimulating hormone.
  • Increased body temperature.

Reviews of T3

Athletes report that T3 by Maxtreme Pharma works more effectively than many other specialized sports fat burners. The reasonable price makes it possible to use this drug before competitions and during active preparations for championships with no harm to your savings. For users who have a great diet and training programme but have inefficient genetics which will not allow them to lose their desired weight even with all the hard work. This is where T3 can become very effective. Many users who have used T3 within this stage, have reported great results from its use, but have also mentioned that you must use this drug wisely, as this is well-known.

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