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Substance: liothyronine (T3)
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Thyro3 by Alpha Pharma

The drug is not an anabolic steroid and belongs to the most powerful fat burners. It helps men and women lose fat quickly without gruelling diets. T3 by Alpha Pharma is used during the period of "drying", weight loss, and before important competitions. This substance is mainly used for people who have tried all of the dieting changes, training regimes and still cannot lose those extra pounds. For an overweight user, T3 can be life changing, by allowing the user to change their own metabolism from the cellular levels to allow for this extra weight to be lost.

Properties and Effects

One tablet contains 25mcg of Liothyronine (T3). According to clinical studies, the synthesized hormone promotes these main and desired effects:

  • Accelerates the metabolism;
  • Improvement in other hormone imbalances;
  • Reduction in hypothyroid symptoms;
  • Increases the fat burning process.

Many athletes have already managed to buy T3 in our store and gain the desired muscle and desired definition. We only stock original pharmaceutical grade substances within our online catalogue, so you can be confident when ordering your genuine T3 product.

How to take

The intake starts with 25mcg per day (1 tablet) and increases to 50-75mcg per day after 2-3 days. Thyro3 is used for 3-4 weeks in duration. Large doses increase heart rate and blood pressure, so if these first symptoms arise, you should start taking beta-blockers to help and alleviate these symptoms. After the course, Iodomarin is taken for 2-3 weeks to restore the Iodine levels and the natural Thyroid functioning. Having this break is crucial, as if you do not let the Thyroid gland recover, you may face unwanted side effects.


The combination with Testosterone Propionate helps to avoid the loss of muscle mass within the cycle and also Clenbuterol increases the fat burning process for more enhanced results. For the best effect and preservation of muscle mass, both drugs are combined with Oxandrolone within a combined course.

High doses and a long course can lead to:

  1. Hyperthyroidism.
  2. Headaches.
  3. Insomnia.
  4. Diarrhoea.

If all of the recommended guideline are followed, none of these side effects should occur. It is important to always monitor your health state and body to ensure that you do not have any intolerances to this drug.


According to the experience of many athletes, T3 works wonders, as it solves the problem of a disproportionate body shape on a hormonal level and eliminates the need for constant calorie counting. For overweight users, an optimally adjusted dose is less detrimental to the body than a constant low-calorie diet.

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