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Soma-Max by Maxtreme Pharma

The drug is based on biosynthetic growth hormone. The substance triggers the mechanism of tissue regeneration. Not so long ago, scientists proved that in a certain amount, it can cause the division of muscle tissue cells. It follows from this that HGH increases muscle mass not only by thickening the fibres, but also by increasing their actual amount. The kilograms gained in this way will be difficult to lose even if desired.

The production of the steroid is based on genetic engineering technologies. A gene responsible for the production of growth hormone is implanted in the DNA of Escherichia coli bacteria.

Properties and effects of HGH

Here is a list of its main advantages, for which it is appreciated by professional athletes:

  • It is an anabolic that has nothing to do with sex hormones. This means that it is equally safe and effective for both male and female athletes.
  • An additional plus for female users will be skin rejuvenation.
  • It can be entered even on the eve of competitions. The presence of exogenous growth hormones in the body is not shown in doping tests.
  • A significant increase in quality mass. The course gives a clean weight gain without water and fat. There are practically no drawbacks.
  • Regeneration of cartilage. Until recently, it was believed that cartilage tissue is not recoverable. Now scientists have found out that somatotropin is able to heal damaged cartilage.
  • Body care. The result is not only strong and well-built muscles, but also an improvement in the condition of the skin, nails, hair, rejuvenation and the reduction of wrinkles. Such a set of pleasant bonuses will be appreciated not only by the female, but also by the male buyers. As everyone should be healthy and well maintained.
  • Fat-burning effect. HGH stimulates the use of fatty acids, so that fat deposits are noticeably reduced.

Please note! The original Soma-Max does not cause the formation of antibodies. Non-genuine HGH is surreptitiously manufactured, sold at a very low price and provokes the resistance of the body. There will be no use from such products as these counterfeit versions. You should always buy your pharmaceutical substances from trusted companies to avoid these issues of receiving a harmful counterfeit substance!

The application allows the user to achieve:

• Division of muscle tissue cells;

• Increase in muscle fibres;

• Tissue regeneration;

• The direction of oxidative metabolism to the burning of fatty acids;

• Stimulation of insulin production;

• Enhanced protein synthesis;

• Quick high-quality mass gaining;

• More pronounced definition;

• Improvement of the condition of the bones, nails and skin;

• Easy recovery from injuries.

How to take the drug?

Compared with other anabolics, it differs by its typical duration of usage is done over a very long course. An optimal course of HGH is about six months.

Injections should be done daily. Trainers advise to start with a volume of 5IU units (one injection per day) and gradually increasing the dosage to 10IU units per day.

Surely before buying this substance, you may have a question, how do I inject HGH? Each package contains an ampoule with special bactericidal water intended for diluting the powder, after this substance is mixed and “live”, you can inject via a subcutaneous injection using an insulin needle which is the normal adopted method, or inject this substance via the intermuscular route which some bodybuilders prefer.

Please note! For beginners, unlike other injectable anabolics, HGH must be administered subcutaneously. To do this, it is better to use a special insulin syringe.

Before the administration, it should be slowly turned to mix the solution, but NEVER shaken, as this can kill the active substance. Once mixed, you can inject under the skin, in the fat folds of the abdomen. If you are still confused with this administration process, please find instructions for Sub-Q injections online and follow carefully.

Compatibility with other drugs

The solo application of HGH is very popular among athletes. Combined courses are also used. In combination with certain drugs, the benefits of HGH are noticeably multiplied.

The best combined courses, are a cycle with the addition of thyroxine (T3, 25mcg every day), exogenous growth hormone has the property of suppressing the activity of the thyroid gland. Thyroxine “T3” will eliminate this effect and it's safer this way and with the addition of insulin (up to 10IU units daily), it stimulates protein synthesis, and the muscle mass increases faster.

Attention! It is necessary to add insulin with extreme caution. The fact is that Soma-Max itself stimulates the production of this hormone. An excess of insulin in the body leads to a critical decrease in blood sugar levels. The consequence of a regular "overdose" is diabetes. Using Insulin alongside HGH is only for professionals or the experienced users, as this can cause some life-threatening effects if used wrong!

There is also an option with the addition of Testosterone or Boldenone. As for the time of intake of these drugs, it is necessary to limit these to two months in duration. When combining growth hormone with androgenic steroids, the anabolic effectiveness increases significantly. One more course involves the inclusion of Stanozolol or Anavar. This option is suitable if your goal is drying or cutting.

Side effects and disadvantages

With proper use, the risk of side effects is practically absent. The only unpleasant nuance is a decrease in blood sugar, sometimes accompanied by a deterioration in the state of health. Also, at the time of the intake, you will have to put up with this. Low sugar is an essential condition on which the entire mechanism of action rests.

Caution! The decrease in glucose levels should be moderate, but not critical. A constant lack of sugar in the body can cause diabetes.

The side effect is rather an exception. It manifests itself very rarely, in specific cases. In particular, the risk of acromegaly increases. With this pathology, some parts of the body retain their normal appearance, while others grow to gigantic sizes. The proportions of the face and figure are greatly distorted. At risk are people with a hyper function of the genital glands.

Inhibition of the activity of the thyroid gland. Hormones stop being released in normal amounts. As a result, a wide variety of ailments are manifested.

To face any of these side effects, you need to at least have a predisposition to them or abuse this substance in majorly high dosages or long durations or its use.


Athletes ' feedback about HGH is only positive. However, it is worth remembering that this is a certified medical drug that can be found in almost any pharmacy at a high price. There is also an opportunity to buy Growth Hormone in our store. Our online store has direct delivery in Australia.

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