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Parabolin by Alpha Pharma 

In most cases, it is recommended to buy a Parabolin for more experienced athletes or professionals. Regardless, many newbies purchase Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate (Parabolan) as their first steroid cycle. The reason for this is the incredible characteristics of the Parabolin drug and the almost complete absence of side effects when used correctly.

We immediately note an interesting fact: despite the relatively high price of Parabolin, the demand for it is only increasing every day. This is due to the excellent binding to androgen receptors, which is 3-5 times greater than the testosterone molecule. However, on the contrary to the erroneous opinion, this is not classed as an androgenic drug, due to its non-aromatising properties, but to a greater extent it has an outstanding anabolic effect on the body.

All in all, the Parabolin from Alpha Pharma is becoming the new classic of the strong cycle for mass gain. Don’t look for Parabolan tablets, as such a drug must be used in injections, all other oral options are fakes. This is due to the special structure of the molecules that use the oil solution and lipase cleavage of the active substance.

Parabolan advantages

  • Colossal increase in muscle mass
  • Huge increase in strength and power
  • Suitable for both beginners and professionals
  • Not converted to oestrogens and dihydrotestosterone
  • No side effects when used correctly
  • Infrequent injections
  • Can be combined with several other steroids
  • Fast muscle gains with weak rollback phenomenon
  • Doesn’t put extra load on the liver.

How to take Parabolan

Due to its long action and half-life, it is recommended that you take Parabolin once a week at 100-300mg, depending on the goals of the cycle and training experience of the athlete. For beginners, 100mg per week is often enough, especially when combined with other steroids.

The duration of the cycle should not exceed 8-10 weeks. The most optimal combination scheme is with testosterone esters. It is recommended to use Testosterone Cypionate or Enanthate, as the injections are less frequent similar to those of the Trenbolone Hex injections.

Trenbolone goes well with Winstrol and Masteron for the ultimate cutting cycles for the advanced users. It is better for beginners to consume a light drug for the background drugs such as Oxandrolone which is used alongside testosterone.

Parabolan Depot should not be used on cutting cycle by beginner athletes, although there is a group of athletes who use it in this direction, but these are experienced users. It is most rational to start Trenbolone injections during strength training when bulking, due to its longer lasting ester. It dramatically increases the working weights and as a result of which, weight gain occurs much faster.

Parabolan side effects

Compliance with the above dosages will not cause any side effects. Gynecomastia does not develop, since Trenbolone does not contribute to aromatization, as well as excess fluid gain. Also, due to the lack of conversion to Dihydrotestosterone, acne or hair loss does not develop during the cycle.

Among the reviews about this drug, you may see side effects such as an increase in aggression, but to a greater extent, this is manifested only in the case when the person was initially aggressive and easily irritable to begin with.

All kinds of negative reviews that talk about the accumulation of fluid, gynecomastia and other side effects are unusual for real Trenbolone and are caused by the recent spread of fake or counterfeit products.

In general, a competent cycle is more than safe. Overdoses, that is, with its improper use can cause a drop in libido or a weak sexual desire. If you do not want to reduce the dosage, then you can use auxiliary drugs, such as testosterone as the base steroid within the cycle and also Tadalafil to deal with such effects.

PCT after Parabolan cycles

After the cycle, you will notice a drop in strength indicators, but this is normal. The muscle mass will still also remain when the cycle is completed. Buy Clomid and Proviron and start PCT 2-3 weeks after the final Parabolin injection. The duration of PCT should not exceed 2-4 weeks. In some cases, gonadotropin drugs will be appropriate for use, to accelerate the recovery of the testicles and their functioning.

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