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Testo-Cypmax by Maxtreme

Testosterone Cypionate is the active component in Testo-Cypmax (an artificial analogue of the male hormone). Its distinctive quality is a complex molecule that breaks down and is expelled rather slowly.

This offers sustained activity and does away with steroid swings and the requirement for repeated injections. The ester's androgenic effects are evident. The usage of the substance leads to a discernible increase in muscle mass, an enhancement of athletic performance, and improvements in strength and endurance.

Testosterone Cypionate is a highly effective steroid that is safe for use in weightlifting programmes, according to experienced bodybuilders.

The main advantages of Testosterone Cypionate

For high performance you can add up to 10kg of muscle mass, boost your strength, and extend your endurance by taking a Testosterone Cypionate cycle.

For persistent action you only need to take it once or twice a week, more is not necessary. Cypionate's intricate molecular structure produces a long-lasting effect.

It increases the absorption and retention of minerals that the skeleton needs. This characteristic speeds up the healing process after injuries and makes it possible for joints to bear heavy loads fast and gently.

Everyone can afford the cost of Testosterone Cypionate from Maxtreme Pharma.

Positive effects of the drug:

  • Enhances appetite.
  • Elevates your mood.
  • Encourages you to work out.
  • Strengthens joint durability.
  • Catabolic processes are prevented.
  • Increases sex drive.

Methods for taking Testosterone Cypionate

The anabolic drug shouldn't be taken for more than two months. The suggested dosage varies according to the athlete's age, weight, anabolic steroid using history, and other factors.

The recommended weekly dosage will be divided into two intakes and will range from 250 to 600mg.

The drug works best when coupled with 200mg of Nandrolone each week.

Side effects of Testosterone Cypionate

Everyone who uses testosterone esters as anabolic agents needs to keep in mind that they can aromatise. Unpleasant side effects result from the active substance's conversion to the feminine hormone oestrogen.

The way to stop this is by following the directions for taking the drug exactly as recommended. Aromatase inhibitors should be added to the cycle as needed.

There is one major disadvantage of extreme rollback effects from the drug. Up to 30% of the excess weight can be lost. Do not be concerned; it is unrelated to muscle size. Water is retained by Testosterone Cypionate and excreted at the end of the cycle.Additionally, it can lead to aggression, gynecomastia, acne, skin deterioration, swelling, and elevated blood pressure.

The majority of side effects are only brought on by careless drug use. There is very little chance of negative side effects if you use it as directed.

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