Magnum Stanol 10

Magnum Stanol 10

Magnum Stanol 10

Brand :Magnum Pharmaceuticals
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Package: 10 mg/tab. (100 tab.)
Substance: stanozolol oral
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Magnum Stanol 10 by Magnum Pharmaceuticals

Magnum Stanol 10 has a moderate androgenic effect and a high anabolic one. Winstrol tablets are commonly used by athletes in drying cycles looking to obtain muscle definition.

The main advantages of Stanozolol

Stanozolol benefits an athlete in the following way.

  • Improves the quality of muscles.
  • Increases the indicators of stamina and physical strength.
  • Increases the definition and firmness of the muscles.
  • Burns fat.
  • Does not convert into oestrogen.

Methods for taking Winstrol

There are 2 types of Stanozolol cycles.

A solo for a period of 6 - 8 weeks at a dosage of no more than 40mg per day in order to increase your muscle mass by 3 - 4kg. Abuse of the drugs recommendations and dosage may lead to problems with the joints.

A combined cycle. Winstrol, together with Testosterone Propionate is used for drying for between 6 - 8 weeks, and the dosages of 40 - 50mg of Stanozolol and 50 - 100mg of Test Propionate per day.

Side effects of Winstrol

By exceeding the recommended dosage of the drug, the following effects may occur:

  • Hepatotoxicity that occurs during overdose.
  • Increased blood pressure.
  • Muscle spasms.
  • Skin problems.
  • Excess cholesterol levels.
  • Drying of joints.
  • A decrease in the body's production of its own testosterone.

In order to avoid these side effects, you need to follow the recommendations and speak to a specialist before using the drug, as well as undergo a PCT.

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